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First Prototype

This is my first Game a Week game (for more info, click here ), and it's a platformer in which you navigate a bouncy ball through a few mazes. It's a short game (I made it in a week, after all), only 6 levels, but I'd wager you can get a decent few minutes of fun out of it. And if you try to beat the highscores, you have a lot of replayabilty: I can guarantee that you'll find tons of ways to improve your score, find better ways to bounce around, better timings, ... you're (hopefully) gonna have fun!

Gameplay screenshot

The game has only 2D gameplay, but has a nice 3D graphic. I was really unisnpired atthe beginning of the week, and didn't know what kind of game to make, so I started by having a "look" I was going for (similar to my homepage, http://ramsesoriginal.info ), and by creating code to have nice camera pans, so I used that quite a lot in the game.

Gameplay screenshot

The goal of the game is simple: collecting all the red cubes in the least time possible. The ball can be moved around freely, but it's still affected by physics, so it has drag, it's affected by gravity, it bounces off walls, etc...

Gameplay screenshot

The game's soundtrack is awesome: by leaving out the music I give you the possibility to choose your own soundtrack! The game does provide you with sound effects, all voiced by me with a shitty headset. To get the iconic (nodways everything's iconic, right?) "Boing" sound, click here

I'd love any form of feedback (critiques, improvement ideas, questions, haikus about my games, just a friendly hello, anything), you can reach me on twitter @ramsesoriginal, via email at ramsesoriginal@gmail.com, on facebook as ramsesoriginal, you can leave a comment on my homepage, or as ramsesoriginal on any other kind of social media.

More information

Published2 years ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorStefan "ramsesoriginal" Insam
TagsCasual, glitch, Minimalist, Physics, Short
Player countSingleplayer


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